Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Canon 7

A bit about the Canon 7 from Wikipedia

The Canon 7 was a rangefinder camera produced by Canon Inc., the last compatible with the Leica mounting. It was introduced in September 1961, with an integrated selenium lightmeter cell. Further versions, branded Canon 7s and Canon 7s Type II (or Canon 7sZ), modified the design slightly by introducing a CDS cell.

The Canon 7 came as the first Canon reflex cameras were already on the market, but it was felt that there was a need for a fast-shooting rangefinder camera for reportage. In this niche, the Canon 7 came into direct competition with the Leica M3.

A bit about my Canon 7

I love this camera as much as I love my 1965 Canonet QL17! It is solid and dependable, more dependable than my ill-fated Leica M3! I got mine on the same day I acquire the Leica M3.

I got mine from my regular junk camera supplier for a very reasonable price. It's not cheap but it's certainly worth the price. Mine is not equiped with the "dream lens" but a bright and relatively scrath free Canon Lens 50mm f:1.8. The selenium cell meter is still working but again I will not rely much on its accuracy.

Here's a couple snapshots from my Canon 7

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