Monday, March 23, 2009

Konica IIIA

A bit about the Konica IIIA from Camerapedia

While the nomenclature of Konica's next pair of cameras suggests that neither differed from the III more than, say, the IIA differed from the II, they are improved so dramatically as to be considered separately, perhaps as a misnamed IV and V.

The major change is to the finder, greatly enlarged and with projecting framelines that adjust not only for parallax but also for varying frame angle.

This larger finder necessitates a higher top cover, such that the rewind crank of the III would foul it if not radically redesigned. The crank is therefore stepped.

When viewed from the front, the Konica IIIA (April 1958) has three finder windows, of which the viewfinder is fairly large even by today's standards. The three are for the rangefinder, projected brightlines, and viewfinder (and rangefinder) respectively.

The finder has 1.0× magnification, such that the photographer can easily look through it with right eye while keeping the left eye open. The lens is a 48mm f/2 Hexanon, with LV system; filter size 35.5mm. Dimensions are 133×81×65mm; weight 800g. In July 1958 came the option of a 50mm f/1.8 Hexanon (70mm deep, weight 820g).[37]

A bit about my Konica IIIA

I got mine from my regular junk camera supplier with its original leather case but lack its original lens cap. The lens cap rejoin the camera 2 months later. So far its one of my two strokes machine, the other is my two strokes motorbike. The focusing ring, appperture and speed selector are a bit stiff but they are working anyway. The lens is decorated with fungus here and there, but it still took considerable bright picture.

More on the Konica IIIA from Dante Stella's website

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