Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leica Minilux

The Leica Minilux is a topnotch 35mm compact camera that boasts an extremely attractive and durable titanium housing combined with a high-speed Summarit 40mm lens. The Minilux is a little heavier than most compact cameras, and is intended for the serious-minded amateur photographer who insists on the very best. It offers an aperture priority mode, allowing you to manually set the aperture before shooting your picture (the camera will automatically choose the shutter speed). The Minilux also features either automatic or manual focusing. The exposure meter is center-weighted for precise metering, and the built-in flash fires automatically in low light. This camera is guaranteed to net you impressive results and last nearly a lifetime.

One thing about this camera: BEWARE OF THE DREADED EO2! When your LCD reads EO2, your Minilux life is over.

read here for a praise for the Minilux

A bit about my Minilux

So I got a short message in my cell phone from my usual junk camera supplier "Call me now!". So I call him and he told me that he was offered a Leica Minilux for USD150.00 and asked whether I am interested. I said that I might considered it if it was USD100.00 and I told him I will see at weekend. So I went for an internet based research for the Minilux and made aware of the EO2 and so other faulties as well as the current price in Ebay. And so by weekend the offer has go down to USD120.00 and having looking at the overall condition of the Minilux, I decided to took it home. The payment is even deffered for another week.

Here's a couple snapshots taken by Minilux

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  1. sampe sekarang masih menyesal jual minilux saya.... :)