Monday, May 11, 2009

Officine Galileo-Ferrania Condor II

There is little information, at least in English, regarding this Italian beauty except it was the fruit of short collaboration (last only couples of years) between Officine Galileo, an Italian company specializing in optical instruments and Ferrania, an Italian film producer. The following is from Top Gabacho's website

This camera is the range finder model that was produced with the Officine Galileo in 1953 and was launched from the Italian biggest film maker Ferrania company. The Officine Galileo is famous as the production company of the GaMi 16 camera which is an elaborate subminiture camera, but they were a reliable optic maker actually, and was supplying many lenses to each company.
This camera is a small size, but litle heavy. The film is wound up by the lever, this system was adopted earlier than the Leica M3. The name of the lens is "Esaog" F=1:2. This is a very highly efficient lens and we feel the height of the technology of the Officine Galileo.
However, the relations of the Officine Galileo and the Ferrania company were bad, they stopped the production of cameras in 55 after all.

A bit about my Condor II

It is currentky not working, will have to repair it.

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  1. I recently acquired a similar camera. Have you found a repair person?